Flutter Restaurant Theme

Flutter Restaurant Theme v 1.0.0

Flutter Restaurant UI Theme offers all necessary screens to build any food ordering application for iOS & Android. Also it gives a professional level UI/UX design. Implemented with all necessary features like login, oder food, notifications, bookmarks and lots more.
Available in light & dark mode.

Development Environment

All the screens you want!

Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a food ordering app like Swiggy.

  • ● Splash screen
  • ● Email and social login
  • ● Phone no. verification
  • ● Choose your location on map
  • ● Use GPS to find location
  • ● User account
  • ● Restaurant filter
  • ● Favourite restaurant
  • ● Restaurant catalogue grid view
  • ● Restaurant catalogue list view
  • ● Order History
  • ● Support
  • ● Invite Friends
  • ● Payment Methods
  • ● Settings
  • ● Address Book
  • ● Bookmarks
  • ● Profile
  • ● Edit Profile
  • ● Notifications
  • ● Checkout
  • ● Cart


  • Screens available with features like onboarding experience, email login, phone login, sign up, password reset, restaurants listing and filter restaurants etc.
  • Follows the recent UI/UX trends and detail-oriented style, clean code and all best practices
  • Designed for multiple screen sizes from iPhone5 to iPhone XR Max and Android devices as well
  • Multiple custom-built components that can be reused in other projects
  • Beautiful, captivating and smooth animations
Flutter Restaurant Theme

Eye Soothing UI With Quality Code

Flutter Restaurant Theme


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