Flutter Note Listing App With Backend

Flutter Note Listing App With Backend v 1.0.0

Beautifully designed Flutter Note Listing App built using Firebase with cross-platform support. Built with the aim to provide a quick and simple notepad editing experience to the user while writing notes, memos, e-mails, messages, shopping lists, and to-do lists.

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Development Environment

Beautiful Screens for Note Listing App!

Get started with writing notes, memos, messages, e-mails, to-do lists using our highly suitable Note Listing App, fully customizable.

  • ● Splashscreen
  • ● Sign Up
  • ● Gmail Login
  • ● Reset Password
  • ● Home
  • ● Collaborate notes with Friends
  • ● Color Notes
  • ● Notifications
  • ● Profile View, Update
  • ● To-Do tasks Notes
  • ● Archived Notes
  • ● Deleted Notes
  • ● Navigation Menu
  • ● Theme Setting
  • ● Categories Settings
  • ● Privacy & Safety

Flutter Note Listing App With Backend

Product Features

  • Available in both light & dark mode
  • Allows to login with Google
  • Save unlimited notes
  • Allows collaboration of notes with friends
  • Sends reminder with notification
  • Allows to archive and delete notes
  • Allows adding color in notes
  • Aesthetic & easy UI with smooth animations
  • Easily customizable cross-platform app

Technology Details

  • Implemented with Firebase Firestore Backend
  • Professional level UI & UX
  • Built with Latest Flutter SDK
  • Designed for Android devices using Android Studio
  • Designed for screen sizes from iPhone5 to iPhone XR Max
  • Multiple custom-built reusable components
Flutter Note Listing App With Backend


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