Flutter Learning UI

Flutter Learning UI v 1.0.0

Easy to build an e-learning app using our Flutter Learning App Theme compatible with Android and iOS devices, suitable for developing online learning applications.

Development Environment

Essential screens of Learning App

Fully customizable with ready-to-use screens comprises all possible features, screens related to a learning app.

  • ● Splashscreen
  • ● Login
  • ● Sign Up
  • ● Forgot Password
  • ● Profile Settings
  • ● Home page
  • ● Search
  • ● Filter
  • ● Favorite Courses
  • ● Saved Courses
  • ● Course Lesson
Flutter Learning UI

Product Details

  • Offers all necessary UI navigation with several screens
  • Pluggable with any State Management pattern like Bloc, RxDart, Redux etc.
  • Available with Bottom Tab-bar navigation support
  • Designed for multiple screen sizes from iPhone8 to iPhone X & Android devices
  • Easily customizable based on user requirement
  • Professional level UI/UX design
Flutter Learning UI


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