Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme

Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme 1.0.2

The ideal starter kit / app script with all the needed UI elements to build your iOS and Android e-commerce app like Mona / JackThreads / Canopy / Flipp
Inspired by Myntra

Development Environment
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Create a captivating UX for your app's users

Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens for users with easily configurable application design, and the right UX for a Shopping App like Spring / Stylect / Mallzee / Jabong.

  • ● Splashscreen
  • ● Facebook Login
  • ● Email Login
  • ● Sign Up
  • ● Product Grid View Catalog
  • ● Home page
  • ● Product Page
  • ● Just In
  • ● Shopping Cart
  • ● Notifications
  • ● Confirm Order
  • ● Payment
  • ● Categories
  • ● Add Address

Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme

Interested In React Native version?

Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme

Fab Features

  • Reusable components made from Flutter’s UI library
  • Implemented with Flutter's easily customizable navigation feature
  • Available with Flutters customizable widget sets for Material design
  • Fast Hot Reload / JIT dev workflow
  • Compiles to native code for fast and predictable performance for end users
  • Easily manageable state using Flutter's Stateful and Stateless widgets
  • Implemented with Hero animation
  • Defined with single ThemeData using it across the app

Hero Animation

  • Implemented with hero animation using Flutter’s Hero widget
  • Standard hero animation implementation
  • Provides shared element transitions / shared element animations
Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme

Eye soothing UI with awesomely smooth UX!

Flutter E-Commerce Pro App Theme


This starter kit is only a UI theme. Take a look at the backend version.


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