Flutter Do App Theme

Flutter Do App Theme v 1.2.3

A fascinating Flutter starter kit with flat UI design, Flutter components for your iOS and Android application
Inspired by Invision's UI Kit, DO

Development Environment

Create a captivating UX for your app's users

Fully customizable, ready-to-use screens with flat UI design that adds an aesthetic touch to the app

  • ● Login
  • ● Sign Up
  • ● Splash screen
  • ● Walkthrough
  • ● Drawer
  • ● Home
  • ● Overview
  • ● Groups
  • ● Lists
  • ● Settings
  • ● Profile
  • ● Calendar
  • ● Timeline
  • ● Create New

Flutter Do App Theme


This starter kit is only a UI theme and it doesn't include any back-end code, neither it is wired up with any API calls.

Flutter Do App Theme


  • Reusable components made from Flutter’s UI library
  • Implemented with Flutter's easily customizable navigation feature
  • Available with Flutters customizable widget sets for Material design
  • Fast Hot Reload / JIT dev workflow
  • Compiles to native code for fast and predictable performance for end users
  • Easily manageable state using Flutter's Stateful and Stateless widgets
  • Dart offers powerful and advanced tools
  • Defined with single ThemeData using it across the app

Eye soothing UI with awesomely smooth UX!

Flutter Do App Theme


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